The ZEBRA science team brings together experts from astrophysical disciplines as diverse as reionization, the star formation history of the Universe, exo-planet detection and characterization, Zodiacal dust nad outer solar system bodies, and astronomical instrumentation.

Science Team

P.I. Jamie Bock (JPL/Caltech)
Chas Beichman (IPAC/JPL)
Mike Brown (Caltech)
Ranga Chary (IPAC)
Asantha Cooray (UCI)
Eli Dwek (GSFC)
Giovanni Fazio (CfA)
Mike Hauser (STScI)
Louis Levenson (Caltech)
Carey Lisse (JHU)
Avi Loeb (Harvard)
Brian May
Amaya Moro-Martin (SCIC)
William Reach (USRA)
Roger Smith (Caltech)
Lawrence Wade (JPL)
Mike Werner (JPL)
Ned Wright (UCLA)
Mike Zemcov (Caltech/JPL)

Scattered sunlight from dust in the inner solar system is bright, presenting the dominant foreground for measurements of the extragalactic background light and obscuring our view of the structure of dust in the outer solar system.

Credits: T. Pyle/SSC/NASA/JPL-Caltech.