SPHEREx PI Dr. Jamie Bock leads the investigation. The California Institute of Technology and Jet Propulsion Laboratory will develop the SPHEREx payload. The spacecraft will be supplied by Ball Aerospace. The Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute will contribute specialized hardware to the focal plane. The data will be made publicly available through the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center. In addition to the CalTech/JPL and international scientists, the SPHEREx team includes scientists at institutions across the country, including UC Irvine, Ohio State University, the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Arizona State University, the Institute for Astronomy, Stanford University, Argonne National Laboratory, and Carnegie Mellon University.

SPHEREx Science Team

Name Institution Role Responsibility
Jamie Bock Caltech/JPL PI Overall management
Matthew Ashby CfA Co-I L1-L3, L4 pipeline development
Peter Capak IPAC Co-I Galaxy spectral fitting modules
Asantha Cooray UC Irvine Co-I Galaxy formation L4 lead
Brendan Crill Caltech/JPL Co-I Pipeline architect
Olivier Doré Caltech/JPL PS Inflationary cosmology L4 lead
Chris Hirata OSU Co-I Inflation and cosmology studies
Woon-Seob Jeong KASI Co-I KASI PI
Phil Korngut Caltech Co-I Instrument scientist
Dae-Hee Lee KASI Co-I Instrument calibration
Phil Mauskopf ASU Co-I Survey planning; clusters
Gary Melnick CfA Co-I Interstellar ices L4 lead
Roger Smith Caltech Co-I Detector array analysis
Yong-Seon Song KASI Co-I Cosmology interpretation
Stephen Unwin JPL Co-I Interstellar ices science
Michael Werner JPL Co-I Legacy survey science; ice analysis
Michael Zemcov RIT Co-I L1-L3 pipeline modules; EBL science

Science Team Collaborators

Name Institution Responsibility
Roland de Putter CalTech Cosmology parameter fitting
Tim Eifler JPL Synergies with DES/LSST
Nicolas Flagey CFHT Ice spectral catalog
Salman Habib Argonne Galaxy catalog simulations
Katrin Heitmann Argonne Galaxy catalog simulations
Elisabeth Krause Stanford Bispectrum analysis
Daniel Masters Caltech Spectral redshift fitting
Bertrand Menneson JPL Ice catalog follow-up
Hien Nguyen JPL Instrument characterization
Karin Öberg CfA Ice science interpretation
Anthony Pullen NYU Galaxy clustering theory
Alvise Raccanelli JHU Cosmic magnification simulations
Volker Tolls CfA Ices pipeline modules
Marco Viero Stanford Intensity mapping simulations